My Process

Step 1  Initial Meeting

The purpose of the first meeting is to get to know each other.  Hopefully, clients come to find out:

  •      "Who is this guy really?"
  •      "How is he different?"
  •      "What is his philosophy?   Does it match with ours?"
  •      "Is this someone I want to work with?"

At the same time, I look to discover:

  •      "What are they trying to accomplish?"
  •      "Will what we do benefit them?"
  •      "Are we a good enough fit to warrant working together?"



Step 2  Discovery  Meeting
Using the completed questionnaire along with the financial documents you have provided, we get into more details about who you are, what you are looking to accomplish and where you are trying to go financially.    At times, the initial meeting and discovery meeting may be combined.
Step 3 PS&G Model® Meeting
Using the information gathered in the Discovery Meeting, we will show for your verification what we believe to be the main items on your wish list, introduce  you to the PS&G model, and what your model currently looks like. 
 Step 4  Strategy Meetings

Based on your model, we will begin discussing various economic strategies that may increase the efficiency of how you are positioning your assets.  You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to fulfill your desired level of understanding.  You are then free to choose to stay with your current position, or make those changes you feel are appropriate.  The number of these meeting vary with each client based on their current financial situation and the degree of detail they prefer.  We will take as much time as necessary given each clients preferences.

  Step 5   Systematic Review Meetings
Once we get through the initial review of a clients model, it is important to allow clients the time to ensure they maintain efficiency in their system.  Periodically, (most clients usually prefer every 6 months at first), we will contact you with a copy of the most recent model we have for you on file, along with a short supplemental questionaire.  This helps keep us up to date and be able to understand what the key issues are for discussion when we get together.  Keep in mind that clients are encouraged to feel free to contact us at any time if a question comes up regarding thier model.   These updates are critical to ensuring success throughout a clients life.

If at any time, a client feels they are not getting value for their time spent, they always have the right to 'pull the plug'.  If this process ends up not being a good fit for them, we will work to find another practitioner that better fits thier need. 







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